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The Green, Molineux Road, Minster-in-Thanet, Ramsgate, CT12 4DW  01843 824 082
Hon. Secretary Email: secretary@minsterbowlsclub.org.uk

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Mat 1
Mat 2
Mat 1
Mat 2
PtsHSNames for
Friday 6thMonks v Bekesbourne Dodgers3A7.30pm11717200Team
Saturday 7thMemorial ShieldH10am-----Team
Sunday 8thCapel - TriplesA9am-----Team
Monday 9thAbbots v Barham Bears2A7.30pm101715132Team
Tuesday 10thHinds v Ash Angels1H7.30pm101318122Team
Thursday 12thAbbots v Barham Bears2H7.30pm15251456Team
Friday 13thMonks v Bekesbourne Dodgers3H7.30pm13201584Team
Friday 13thHinds v Ash Angels1A7.30pm21107164Team
Sunday 15thArca - TriplesA9am-----Team
Tuesday 24thMonks v Boughton Challengers3A7.30pm41324122Team
Wednesday 25thWednesday Pairs (1)H6.30pm-----
Thursday 26thHinds v Sturry Squirrels1H7.30pm12161186Team
Sunday 29thAbbots v Sturry Skylarks2A3pm131415132Team
Tuesday 31stMonks v Boughton Challengers3H7.30pm151815751Team
Tuesday 31stHinds v Sturry Squirrels1A7.30pm71516112Team
Wednesday 1stWednesday Pairs (2)H6.30pm-----
Thursday 2ndAbbots v Sturry Skylarks2H7.30pm142311961Team
Sunday 5thAlf Wood TriplesH9.30am-----Team
Tuesday 7thMonks v Herne Bay Spitfires3H7.30pm10918160Team
Wednesday 8thWednesday Pairs (3)H6.30pm-----
Thursday 9thHinds v Hoverspeed Penguins1H7.30pm13241286Team
Friday 10thAbbots v Chislet Labradors2A7.30pm17913133Team
Saturday 11thFriendly v BetteshangerH2pmTeam
Monday 13thHinds v Hoverspeed Penguins1A7.30pm111323122Team
Monday 13thMonks v Herne Bay Spitfires3A7.30pm4820230Team
Tuesday 14thAbbots v Chislet Labradors2H7.30pm17181496Team
Wednesday 15thWednesday Pairs (4)H6.30pm-----
Sunday 19thMorphew CupH9.30am-----Team
Monday 20thMonks v Ash Archers3A7.30pm141011114Team
Tuesday 21stHinds v Whitstable Pearls1H7.30pm27177861Team
Wednesday 22ndWednesday Pairs (5)H6.30pm-----
Thursday 23rdAbbots v Swalecliffe Seagulls2H7.30pm921141721Team
Friday 24thMinster Club AGM7.30pm-----
Sunday 26thFriendly v BroadstairsA2pmTeam
Monday 27thHinds v Whitstable Pearls1A7.30pm172510861Team
Wednesday 29thWednesday Pairs (6)H6.30pm-----
Thursday 30thMonks v Ash Archers3H7.30pm18139174Team
Friday 1stAbbots v Swalecliffe Seagulls2A7.30pm12311212Team
Saturday 2ndOyster Cup - HawkingeA9am-----Team
Sunday 3rdSingle Gender PairsH9.30am-----Team
Tuesday 5thMonks v Preston Pirates3H7.30pm2410151341Team
Wednesday 6thWednesday Pairs (7)H6.30pm-----
Thursday 7thHinds v Arca Lambs1A7.30pm111612134Team
Thursday 7thAbbots v Herne Bay Hurricanes2H7.30pm141011152Team
Friday 8thXmas Dinner & DanceH7.30pm-----
Saturday 9thFriendly v BroadstairsH2pmTeam
Tuesday 12thHinds v Arca Lambs1H7.30pm11912110Team
Wednesday 13thWednesday Pairs (8)H6.30pm-----
Thursday 14thFriendly Hinds v WhitstableH7.30pmTeam
Thursday 14thMonks v Preston Pirates3A7.30pm151810146Team
Friday 15thAbbots v Herne Bay Hurricanes2A7.30pm61319290Team
Sunday 17thPaul's Xmas Party GamesH1.30pm-----
Friday 5thFriendly Hinds v WhitstableA7.30pmTeam
Saturday 6thBoughton - PairsA9am-----Team
Sunday 7thBoughton - TriplesA9am-----Team
Monday 8thAbbots v Chilham Herons2A7.30pm2626230Team
Tuesday 9thMonks v Macknade Monarchs3H7.30pm12101474Team
Thursday 11thAbbots v Chilham Herons2H7.30pm131713125Team
Friday 12thMonks v Macknade Monarchs3A7.30pm101313103Team
Sunday 14thMens & Ladies PairsH9.30am-----Team
Tuesday 16thAbbots v Wingham Warlords2H7.30pm9212084Team
Wednesday 17thMonks v Canterbury Bells3A7.30pm131016250Team
Thursday 18thHinds v Capel Kiwis1H7.30pm131715171Team
Friday 19thFriday Fours (1)H7pm-----
Saturday 20thEast Kent Singles - HawkingeA9am-----Team
Sunday 21stOpen Day CompH9.30am-----
Wednesday 24thAbbots v Wingham Warlords2A7.30pm121020140Team
Thursday 25thMonks v Canterbury Bells3H7.30pm991891Team
Thursday 25thHinds v Capel Kiwis1A7.30pm9516190Team
Friday 26thFriday Fours (2)H7pm-----
Saturday 27thFriendly v BetteshangerA2pmTeam
Sunday 28thLadies SInglesH9.30am-----Team
Monday 29thHinds v Whitstable Oysters1A7.30pm71422160Team
Tuesday 30thMonks v Boughton Acorns3H7.30pm122011136Team
Thursday 1stAbbots v Aylesham Magpies2H7.30pm17913212Team
Friday 2ndFriday Fours (3)H7pm-----
Tuesday 6thHinds v Whitstable Oysters1H7.30pm142361161Team
Tuesday 6thAbbots v Aylesham Magpies2A8pm7217210Team
Wednesday 7thMonks v Boughton Acorns3A7.30pm121313104Team
Friday 9thFriday Fours (4)H7pm-----
Sunday 11thMixed TriplesH9.30am-----Team
Tuesday 13thMonks v Broadstairs Buzzards3A7.30pm191510136Team
Thursday 15thHinds v Canterbury Choughs1A7.30pm16127154Team
Thursday 15thAbbots v Boughton Courtenays2A7.30pm12611182Team
Friday 16thFriday Fours (5)H7pm-----
Saturday 17thEast Kent Pairs - HawkingeA9.30am-----Team
Sunday 18thFriendly v AshA2pmTeam
Tuesday 20thHinds v Canterbury Choughs1H7.30pm2617976Team
Wednesday 21stMonks v Broadstairs Buzzards3H7.30pm161511184Team
Thursday 22ndAbbots v Boughton Courtenays2H7.30pm11171076Team
Friday 23rdFriday Fours (6)H7pm-----
Sunday 25thMens SinglesH9.30am-----Team
Tuesday 27thAbbots v Aylesham Warblers2H7.30pm151213143Team
Thursday 1stHinds v Aylesham Starlings1H7.30pm15319661Team
Friday 2ndFriendly v Herne BayA11amTeam
Sunday 4thMonks v Sturry Seals3A3pm11414190Team
Tuesday 6thHinds v Aylesham Starlings1A8pm9161783Team
Wednesday 7thAbbots v Aylesham Warblers2A7.30pm622221221Team
Thursday 8thMonks v Sturry Seals3H7.30pm19716202Team
Friday 9thFriday Fours (7)H7pm-----
Sunday 11thMixed PairsH9.30am-----Team
Thursday 15thHinds v Eastling Cherries1H7.30pm181317126Team
Friday 16thFriday Fours (8)H7pm-----
Saturday 17thEast Kent Triples - HawkingeA9am-----Team
Wednesday 21stFriendly v Herne BayH11amTeam
Thursday 22ndMonks v Canterbury Tales3H7.30pm23144145Team
Friday 23rdHinds v Eastling Cherries1A7.30pm21319661Team
Friday 23rdAbbots v Swalecliffe Swallows2A7.30pm5625210Team
Saturday 24thSemi-Finals Day 1H10am-----
Sunday 25thSemi-Finals Day 2H10am-----
Tuesday 27thAbbots v Swalecliffe Swallows2H7.30pm9920160Team
Wednesday 28thMonks v Canterbury Tales3A7.30pm22139135Team
Thursday 29thFriday Fours (9)H7pm-----
Tuesday 3rdFriendly v AshH2pmTeam
Friday 6thFriday Fours (10)H7pm-----
Saturday 7thFINALS DAY 1H9.30am-----
Sunday 8thFINALS DAY 2H9.30am-----
Friday 4thPresentation DinnerH7pm-----

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